Johnna (pronounced John-NUH, named after her grandfather, John) is an author, blogger, {sometimes} speaker and all-time coordinator of chaos. She’s a wife, a mother, a homeschooler and a fourth generation East Texan who is passionate about sharing the eternal hope she found in Jesus when her life took an unexpected twist in 2007, following the birth of her firstborn son with a neural tube defect. In the moments when all of her hopes and dreams for her family fell apart, she came to realize with certainty that this world is not our final destination. Johnna knows without a doubt that restoration in heaven will come one day for those who know Christ and it’s her passion to encourage women to stop living timid lives of distraction and to bravely say yes to what God calls them to. Through her use of sarcasm and sentences, Johnna paints a picture of hope for eternity as well as offers an honest perspective of life’s challenges, yet always pointing to the ultimate eternal hope of the gospel. 

With six children of all ages and stages, of all races and abilities, her family is a wild bunch built both by childbirth and adoption. Johnna has been married to her energetic and kind husband, Ryan, for 17 years. She is passionate about being pro-life (from womb to tomb!), foster care and adoption, educating children on how best to include and communicate with VIPs (her favorite, unique term for people with disabilities) and reading the entire Bible (even the boring genealogy parts!). 

In her sacred free time, Johnna can be spotted on the patio of a Tex-Mex restaurant elbow deep in chips and salsa talking with close friends about drama with her kids, her love for Texas, the Bible, or the occasional conspiracy theory. Otherwise, she’s introverting at home under her weighted blanket, journaling, while wearing noise canceling headphones with a cup of hot coffee in hand.  

Speaking info...

Have a small group or a classroom that you would like Johnna to speak to? She and her son, Hayden, would love to talk to your classroom and share their book, "How to Gain VIP Access" and teach disability etiquette to your students. Johnna also speaks to MOPS groups, women's ministry or small groups encouraging women to live for eternity and bravely say yes to what God is calling them to! She can address foster care and adoption, special needs parenting, homeschooling, the challenges and blessings of a large family with multiple differences and needs, or the important role God's Word plays in our day to day lives.

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