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Pre-Order Bundle: Reckless Yes Book and Necklace

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In her book, Reckless Yes, Johnna Hensley encourages believers of Christ to make decisions in light of eternity. By sharing her own unique story of how she came to a fork in the road of life and decided to lean in to all that God had to offer, she challenges her readers to do the same – to tackle the narrow road that leads to life and to join God on the adventure of a lifetime, one that leads to eternity in heaven.

Reckless Yes Bundle One includes a paperback pre sale copy of Reckless Yes plus a beautiful gold “Reckless” necklace on a 16″ chain. When you wear your Reckless necklace, not only will you be reminded to look around for ways to be bravely reckless for the Kingdom of God, but you’ll be able to share with others around you. Living your life for eternity will make you seem reckless to the rest of the world – it’s time to stand out, to be bold, and make decisions in light of eternity.