Getting Creative with Aaron Watson’s Album Cover in Coleman

Not everyone is able to say they’re friends with Abilene native and country music star Aaron Watson, but one North Texas boy is able to say that he is. Nine-year-old Hayden Hnesley has spina bifida and he and Aaron have a close bond. Aaron’s new album, Vaquero, is set to release soon and he wanted…
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Home Is Where Our School Is

You know that nudge? You know, that really, really quiet inner voice in your spirit that ever so gently nudges you along? You have to get real still and real quiet to hear it. Lots of times life keeps us all so busy and occupied that we forget to get real still and real quiet…
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Looking at the Bright Side is Causing Me to Go Blind

An honest perspective of the struggle of life as a special needs mom.
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*Insert Shameless Plug Here*

Over the last year, I have enjoyed blogging here and there about key events in our family’s journey. When a post comes to life, it is strictly because the Spirit has moved in me and I literally HAVE to write it down. My prayer is that there is a reason for that prompting and that…
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He Knows His Name

As the pages of this blog have slowed down over the last couple of months, it was not without good reason. My son came off of two substantial illnesses that left him in PICU for 17 days total and when he came home, his body had much healing to do. His body is healing more…
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Why Weekends are Hard for Widows – and Special Needs Families

I have always heard how weekends are difficult for widows because the routine of the week is on hold and the reality of being alone becomes more palpable. I would venture to say those same feelings transfer to my own special needs family. During the week, we are going, going, going – doctor appointments, therapy…
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Three’s Company

Hayden’s most recent hospitalization was a trying time on all members of our family. For Hayden, of course, as he wasn’t feeling well and was fighting a bacterial pneumonia. As mom and dad it was difficult on us, watching Hayden in pain and also managing the rest of life’s duties. But for Hayden’s younger brothers,…
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The Struggle is Real

On this October night, as my eight year old son lays in his bed in the Pediatric ICU, I can’t help but reflect on another October night when my infant son laid in his warmer in the Neonatal ICU fighting for his life. Fighting is nothing new to Hayden. He’s done it since the day…
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The Catch 22

As an individual living a completely unique life, I often find myself in a never ending cycle of a “Catch 22.” You know the term. catch 22 – (noun)  a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions; a “catch 22 situation” That’s me. That’s the…
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Hello world!

Welcome! You found me – so that must mean you have your HP’s Wheels of Fortune Walk N Roll T shirt for 2015! What a fun way to introduce my blog by sharing it on Hayden’s “business card” Walk shirt. I hope to use this blog as a way to share deeper thoughts about my…
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Welcome to the Blog

Johnna Hensley