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Let Me Ask My Manager

I went shopping recently with a friend. As you can imagine, with six kids trailing behind me every moment of every day, constantly needing me, I don’t get out all that much. This was a new store I’d not been to before and I was thankful for the brief couple of hours with a girlfriend to meander through the store, chit chatting and catching up. 

We each found a few treasures and made our way up front to the check out counter. I noticed the staff members were all wearing their headsets, one end attached to their waistband and the other piece delicately snug in their ear. During the sale transaction, my friend asked a question of the sales associate. A question he didn’t know right off hand and so he said he would need to ask his manager. Back in the day, this would’ve meant a call over the ancient PA system to alert the entire store that help was needed. But now, in this technologically advanced 21st century, with the simple click of a button on his sleek, two way radio system the associate asked his manager the particular question directly, discreetly, and had a response in seconds. How handy!

Observing this communication system reminded me of something I’ve read in the Bible – to pray without ceasing. Paul’s official statement was, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” He said that to the people of Thessalonica in his New Testament writing in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. 

When I saw the sales associate click a button and speak directly to his manager seeking answers and direction, it hit me that we, as Christians, have this same ability to communicate with our Heavenly Manager. Through the use of this holy headset courtesy of the Holy Spirit, we can communicate with God “without ceasing.” I wonder, though, do we? 

I can confess to you that I go through seasons where my prayer life and constant communicating with God is on fire! I’m talking to Him each morning and all throughout the day in small things and big things, asking the Spirit for direction. And then there are other seasons, when it would seem as if I’ve forgotten all about my supernatural speaker system the Spirit installed.

I would venture to guess that the sales associate behind the counter feels a certain level of comfort in knowing the manager and person with authority to make all things right is accessible simply with the press of a button and the mumbling out of a few words. Maybe when the line of customers is overwhelming or they’re in a situation when they don’t know how best to proceed, or even when there are people around who are unkind and though the associate wants to snap back, they instead dial in to their leadership for advice on what the best next steps would be. 

Could that be us? Could we become so familiar with speaking constantly to our Father that when our families and work life overwhelm us, or when we have big decisions to make, or even when people around us mistreat us and spew hate,  we instinctively tap our holy hotline button and pray without ceasing. That in the big and small things of our day to day moments, we heed what the will of Christ Jesus is for us and we rejoice, pray, and give thanks in all circumstances? Do we trust Him and believe He’s there? That He wants to hear from us? That he’s willing to help us and is the only resource we need in the chaos of life and in our moments of uncertainty?

As we enter a new week, may we all seek to be in constant communication with our heavenly Father, remembering He is just a whisper of a prayer away – with no need to charge our headsets; they’re actually indwelling us.

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